Saturday, December 22, 2012

aangot-deactivated20140713 said: Hi! Love your blog. I enjoy math, but the unfortunate thing is that Im really bad at it. Is this strange to be bad at a subject you enjoy? And what do you recommend someone does if they want to get better at math?

No that’s not strange at all! Part of the fun of learning something new is its difficulty. If you want to learn more about math all you have to do is stay curious. Wikipedia is always a great resource. Talk to your math teachers or professors and see what fields would be most useful at your age and see if you can buy some text books relating to the subject. Youtube has useful channels too, like Khan Academy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anonymous said: What are the 9 types of energy

Hey there,

Why don’t you check out this earlier post. It should give you a brief intro to the types of energy, the law of conservation of energy, efficiency and Sankey diagrams!

Hopefully that will help you out and thank you for the question!

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