About the Contributors

Say It With Science is currently run by a team of 7 contributors. 


I’m a undergraduate physicist at Clemson University working on theoretical solid state physics and computational brain models for small mammals. My other interests include artificial intelligence, art, hiking, yoga, wine, cooking, and category theoretic approaches to modern physics.


I’m currently a third year computer science student at the Ohio State University. I enjoy reading, making art, talking about math and physics, and long walks on the beach. In my free time I wander around wikipedia until I learn something!


I studied physics, mathematics and a bit of statistics in college and now have struck out to make my fortune. The wind has settled me in a city protected from the sea, where I bunker down to a life of studying pensions and the actuarial science thereof.


Hello! My name is Victoria. I am a high school student with a huge obsession: particle physics. Usually when I hear the word “CERN” my heart skips a beat. I aspire to be a theoretical physicist. I listen to way too many science songs. Nothing much more to say. Besides my passion for physics I enjoy running, biking, Harry Potter, coffee… If you want to know more, just ask. 


I’m 15, and wait, ready? I’m a muslim, Canadian/Vietnamese, living in Dubai, with an Omani step-dad and a brother born in Australia. International much?

Ideal weekend? A cup of coffee, a stack of books, background music and TED documentaries. That or a weekend at a quiet beach. Or both.


My name is Jorge, and I’m a freshman at MIT soon to major in physics and mathematics. I’ve taken several advanced courses in both subjects, but the forefront of my knowledge is, in bulk, derived from many hours of independent study. My particular areas of interest are pure mathematics (analysis, mainly) and mathematical physics — namely quantum mechanics, general relativity, string theory, etc.


Hi, my name is Shreeda and I am the founder of Say It With Science. I am a rising high school senior living in New Jersey. Science is the subject of study which I am most concerned about and interested in; it is certainly something I am passionate about. I’d describe myself as, to some degree, a self starter. If you would like the url to my personal blog, feel free to ask.